Religiöse Kulturen im Europa des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts




Dissertationsprojekt: The politcs of the local authorities towards minority churches and religious unions in Greater Poland in 1945-1989

So far, my research under bachelor and masters degree covers issues related to the history of the local Catholic Church, with particular focus on the history of the Domincan Academic Ministry and its social and religious activities. Since the academic year 2015/2016 my main interest in research is the problem of minority churches and religious associations functioning after 1945 mainly in Wielkopolska, but not only in this region.

I try to research primarily documents illustrating first the reaction of local authorities to the activities of minority churches and second how the central "religious politics" was translated into the voivodeship level (covering mainly the Poznań, but also Konin, Leszno or Plzeň voivodships), municipal or communal ones. The objects of interest in my research are mainly the communist party, voivodship documents and provincial ones (collected at the State Archives in Poznań and in the Branch Office of the Institute of National Remembrance in Poznań), but also the Security Service. As a result of this research, there are three articles prepared by me this year (2017) about local government policy towards the Polish National Catholic Church and Evangelical-Augsburg Chruch (protestants), as well as about the Tranda brothers , especially after their entry into the national structures of Reformed Evangelicals.

The subject I am researching is not in the mainstream/focus of research on the situation of religious association in the People's Republic of Poland, so it seems reasonable to stir it up. Apart from archival documents, I am also richly intensively using in the minority churches´ press published at that time, especially in the context of the local activities of particular Churches in Wielkopolska - their support, for example, for PRON , the state celebrations of the Millennium, conflicts with the Roman Catholic Church and with Primate Stefan Wyszyński.

The dissertation is supervised by Dr hab. Konrad Bialecki, Prof. AMU.